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Art Portfolio

Designs for the Home and Yard

Fun, colorful, and imaginative artwork through Salvaged Metal Artifacts.  These designs hang from a tree, dangle from a wall, or sit upright in the garden. Redefining metal objects brings a smile, turns a head, and peaks curiosity.

Contact me for a custom design using your own personal artifacts.


Tree Art

Colorful wine barrel rings hang from tree branches, decorated with gourds and metal objects: pots and pans, saws, signs, colored glass, and crystals.


Bike Art

Rusted kid's bikes transformed into colorful and whimsical yard/wall art.  Designs include painted patterns, gourds, and animal bones, glass bobbles and jewelry, crystals, and so much more.


Garden Art

Metal artifacts and objects add magic to the garden, hidden in plants or glowing in the sun.  Art includes cut burn barrels, hanging dragonfly propane tank, and farm tools and truck door fence.

Art Portfolio: List
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